Tandew is a new on-demand college tutoring company. Tandew opened Fall Term 2015 at OSU in Corvallis and UO in Eugene, and Winter Term 2016 at SOU in Ashland.

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Tutoring with Us

Connect with students faster and easier

Tandew allows students to request sessions for specific days/times. Tutors receive session request notifications and can accept or decline sessions via text.

Tutor around your schedule

Select the days and times that you want to receive tutoring requests, conveniently blocking out weekly unavailability and vacation dates.

Tutor on or nearby campus

All sessions occur on or within walking distance of campus, making it easy to tutor multiple sessions back-to-back while also eliminating unnecessary travel time.

Tutor only the courses you want

If you've taken it (or an equivalent, higher-level course) and received an A- or better, you can tutor an individual course for us. Tandew Tutors only provide tutoring for courses for which they need no preparation — tutors must have true mastery of the courses they are tutoring. Tutors typically meet with students to help with homework questions, test preparation, and general conceptual understanding.

Get paid directly — weekly

Payments for tutoring sessions get direct-deposited to your bank account every week. No waiting on monthly payroll.

Connect with students one-on-one

Tandew Tutors give 100% of their attention to their student during tutoring sessions. Tutors are focused on the student’s needs and questions, not distracted by electronics or their surroundings. Students often have access to free school-sponsored tutoring, but prefer to use Tandew’s services because of our commitment to one-on-one attention.

Focus on tutoring

Tutors are only responsible for tutoring and managing their own schedules. Tandew's on-demand service allows tutors to only accept the sessions they want, with no obligations.

Currently Hiring

Tandew runs a rolling hire throughout each term based on student needs and demands and each campus — we are always looking for new tutors. Do you have a passion for helping other college students? Are you interested in good part-time one-on-one education work? Would you like to tutor for us?

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